Saturday, March 17, 2012

Self Development with Hypnology

For some time I have been intrigued by the notion of self-hypnosis and have wondered what the self development hypnosis practice could do for me. I had some of the ordinary fears of hypnosis but decided to overrule them and begin to learn and practice self-hypnosis. For this purpose, I ordered Dick Sutphen’s audio course titled Hypnology Transform Your Life with The Power of Self Hypnosis. Here is my account of my interaction with the course.

Self Development Contents

The contents of the Hypnology program include six CDs as well as a bonus CD. The material
covers goal achievement, stress reduction, improved concentration, healing and more.


Listen to the lecture portions of the CDs and do the self-hypnosis exercises that accompany the lectures.

Self Development Claims

This product claims to help get rid of unwanted behavior. This could include eating too much or having emotional distress such as fear and anxiety. Also, new more empowering beliefs can be
learned through self hypnosis which can help with relaxing and learning faster. Other claims are also made such as improvement in meditation states.

My Experience

My experience with this product is that the speaker presents the material slowly and clearly. When I did the initial self-hypnosis sessions, I had a brief moment of panic because I felt out of control. I quickly found that even though I was hypnotized I still could move my body when
desired. My mind still responded to my body which had been my main concern. Now I am able to self hypnotize and I do it as a regular daily practice to aid with getting up early in the morning. I
believe that self-hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct to a separate daily meditation practice. I feel like it is empowering to gain control over the mind and this is what is needed for success to happen.

For anyone who has an interest in self-hypnosis, this course is ideal. Also, for those like myself who are a bit afraid of hypnosis, this program is a sure step-by-step guide. Hypnosis is really
nothing to be afraid of and can be a very valuable way to access a more resourceful state. This is a goodproduct and I learned self- hypnosis from it easily. I am not an affiliate of Hypnology.

Sutphen, D. Hypnology Transform Your Life with the Power of Self Hypnosis. Niles, IL:
Nightingale Conant.

Self Development with the Abundance Paradigm

Recently, I was intrigued by an ad for an audio program called The Abundance Paradigm. I am interested in increasing my feelings of prosperity and the program seemed geared to cover that. In these times, abundance and finances have become very important. I enjoy audio material as well as I do written material, so I decided to give the program a try and I purchased it.

Self Development Contents

The Abundance Paradigm program contains six CDs of instruction and an extra CD that is for printing out the workbook.


Listen to the CDs and do the clearing methods. Also, print out the workbook and follow along
with it if that is of help to you in your particular learning style.

Personal Improvement Claims

Some of the self development claims of The Abundance Paradigm include teaching what the Law of Creation is and how to go beyond thought. The author also goes into how to become inspired as well as how to remove limiting beliefs around the topic of money. He breaks abundance down into manageable steps.

My Experience

Personally, I really enjoyed the Sanskrit clearing method. I also love the Hawaiian clearing method. I use the Hawaiian clearing method a couple times a week now, which means that it is a very practical tool for me that I have incorporated into my life. I normally cry when doing this clearing method, which tells me that I am getting some sad emotions out of my body and relieving them.

What I really like about this author and his work is that he has been in a state of poverty in fact homelessness in the past and has risen above it to becoming a millionaire. This gives him a real insight to the desperation that many people feel. He teaches well and is the author of many bestselling books.

I believe that The Abundance Paradigm is well worth purchasing for anyone who is interested in increasing their wealth and feelings of prosperity. The tools that are presented in the program are for the most part things that cannot be found anywhere else. Dr. Joe Vitale is an interesting and engaging speaker and teacher.

Through the well-explained tools in the program, most people will likely experience some improvements in their lives. By the way, I am not an affiliate of The Abundance Paradigm.

Vitale, J. The Abundance Paradigm. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

Personal Improvement with the Secret to Attracting Money

Being very enamored of the book The Secret, lately I have been seeking out and trying programs from the various teachers in the book. One of the most popular of these is Dr. Joe Vitale, who has written many books and audio programs. I decided to try his program on money and I purchased it. The title of this finances-focused program is The Secret to Attracting Money.

Self Development Contents

This program contains six instructional CDs. Also, it includes a CD for printing out the workbook if so desired. Finally, The Secret to Attracting Money program also includes a bonus CD of the ten most important business lessons that Joe Vitale has learned. A second bonus CD is also included that contains an interview as Joe Vitale explains how he went from homeless to


Listen to the CDs and print out the workbook as a supplement.

Personal Improvement Claims

This self development product contains a very important five step formula to getting money. Dr. Vitale lays out a step by step plan. He also claims that attracting money and wealth will be easier and faster with this program. He states that it is natural to attract money without any struggling.

My Experience

My experience is that Dr. Joe Vitale’s program works. I found that when I followed the five steps things started “going my way.” For instance, I wanted two of a certain electronic device and I really couldn’t afford even one of them. But I used his five step process with the goal of obtaining two of these devices. I got enough money to buy the first one and when I got to the store I was able to buy two for what would have been formerly only enough money for one. There was a huge sale. Do you think it is a coincidence? I don’t think so.

The methods to attracting money that are presented in this course are very clearly outlined. The program contents are original in nature and represent a formula that can work for anyone. The one thing that the program does not supply for success is motivation: that must come from the listener. Those who do their part to motivate themselves to take action will do very well with Dr. Joe Vitale’s program The Secret to Attracting Money. By the way, I am not an affiliate of The Secret to Attracting Money.

Vitale, J. The Secret to Attracting Money. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

My Experience with Personal Development Program Creating Demand

Many people do not know that Freelance Writers are usually also small business owners.
Because I am both a writer and the owner of a writing business, I was most interested when I read about an audio program that was aimed at increasing sales. This program, created by Rick
Ott, is called Creating Demand How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service and it specializes in increasing sales revenue for businesses. I bought the program to give
it a try.


The Creating Demand program is contained on six CDs and also includes an extra CD which is the workbook. The workbook may be printed out.


Listen to the CD program in its entirety. Do not skip around in this program or you will not understand it, so start at the beginning. Use the workbook if desired. Do the whole program and implement it and then go back after an appropriate time frame to revisit the program and
strategies again.


Here are some of the claims of this product. The product claims to help you avoid the biggest waste of your marketing dollars and get people in the mood to make a decision right away. It also shows how to double the effectiveness of advertising without spending any more money than before.

My Experience

My experience is that this product makes some big claims and lives up to them. The whole
program is totally research based and clearly showed me how to market myself properly. I was also able to fix some marketing mistakes I was making. I have found that I have clearly made money as a result of this program. This program more than paid for itself in my case.

Every once in awhile, I buy something that I am really glad I did. That was the case for me with this program by Rick Ott. I implemented most of his strategies and I really feel that my advertising and marketing has improved drastically. I really believe that this is one of the best programs that I bought this year. It delivers results.

I feel like my confidence in my marketing has gone up and my earnings have as well. This is a good program for anyone who is interested in improving their sales and marketing of goods and services. I am not an affiliate for Creating Demand.

Ott, R. Creating Demand. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

Personal Improvement with the Psychology of Winning

Although his work has been around a long time, I first became aware of Denis Waitley and his material in the famous book titled The Secret. I found The Secret to be an influential book in my life, or at least another way of looking at things. So, I determined to study the work of all the
personal improvement teachers in The Secret, or at least as many as I was drawn to. This was how I came to order The Psychology of Winning.

Personal Improvement Contents

The Psychology of Winning contains six disks. They are on the following broad topics: self expectancy, self motivation, self image, self control, self discipline and self esteem.
They also include self dimension, self awareness and self projection. The program also includes
ten keys to winning.


Listen to the disks and take notes. Begin to incorporate the ten steps to winning into daily life and routine in order to experience more success.

Personal Improvement Claims

This product claims to be able to help people become more optimistic. It also helps people
focus on victory and not defeat. Self esteem should improve greatly as well. The ten steps to winning that are practiced by Olympiads are taught in this program. The basic key to all human
behavior is instructed on too.

My Experience

My experience with this personal improvement product is that I listened to the CDs and I took notes. Denis Waitley recognizes and goes over three major areas of success including professional, personal and family. I concentrated on the family area and did his visualization for thirty minutes a day exercise. The program is very big on visualization. One of my children is becoming more friendly and communicative. I believe this is a result of the visualization perhaps changing how I am interacting with that child and making it more effective.

This program would be particularly effective for sales people who want to increase their revenue. However, it is well worth getting because the principles that are taught are really broad and cover being highly effective and having strong communication skills. No self development library is complete without this work and I am glad that I bought it. The principles taught have increased my effectiveness. I feel that I should add that I am not an affiliate for The Psychology of Winning.

Waitley, D. The Psychology of Winning. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

Self Development Through Holosync

It has been about two years now that I have been practicing meditation with Holosync and I feel that it is time to write a review on the product. I was first drawn to Holosync because I was extremely anxious not to mention depressed. My productivity was also very low and I often felt like I was going nowhere. I felt that perhaps if I began meditation I would feel less stressed out and I was eager- almost desperate in fact at that point- when I first began the product.

Personal Development Contents

The very first level of the Holosync Solution is titled Awakening Prologue. There are three disks inside of it. The first disk is an introduction to the Holosync Solution. Disk Two contains the first level of the main program, which is called The Dive and Immersion. Disk three contains two separate tracks called Quietude and Oasis.


Put on stereo headphones. Listen to the introduction disk. Then begin the meditation disk.

Personal Development Claims

The Holosync program will cause a person to meditatedeeper than a Zen monk at the touch of a button.

My Experience

On a personal note, in the two years that I have been meditating with Holosync I have experienced a great deal of growth. On the emotional side, my anxiety has lessened greatly. I feel much happier. I feel that I am causing things not just like things are happening to me randomly. I feel more at peace.

Physically, I have experienced a complete turning away from toxic substances such as alcohol and constant obsessive soda drinking. I have also lost muscular tension that I used to carry throughout my body all the time. I have also noticed that I regularly breathe much more slowly and deeply than previously and I see that I was pretty much almost hyperventilating back then before I started the program.

Holosync is without a doubt the very best self development product I have come across. While other courses teach you from the outside, Holosync teaches how to access your own knowledge within. It is a truly remarkable product that I credit with the improvements I have achieved
in these last two years. For anyone who is stressed out and has an interest in meditation, Holosync is absolutely unmatched.

I would like to add that I am not an affiliate of Holosync or Centerpointe Research Institute.

Harris, B. Holosync. Beaverton, OR: Centerpointe Research Institute.

My Experience with the Journey of Awakening Product

About a year ago, I was involved in listening to an Internet- based series of personal improvement speakers titled Awakening with the Masters. These talks are free to listen to and they present a wide range of speakers. Through this program, I heard energy worker Jo Dunning for the very first time. This is a review of Jo Dunning’s audio program titled Journey of Awakening.

Personal Improvement Contents

The Journey of Awakening set of CDs contains twelve disks with a total of forty energy processes.
The energy processes are very desirable because Jo has remarkable healing abilities. Some of the topics covered on the disk set include journey to the center, transformation and awakening into greater love. It also includes a new you and trust as well as changing the future. Return to divinity is explored as is transformation and abundance. Finally, DNA, awakening and manifesting are explained.


Put on stereo headphones and listen to the disks. Do not drive a car while doing so as you will be moved into an altered state of consciousness.

Personal Improvement Claims

The energy processes will transform each listener and their lives. They will rejuvenate mind, body and soul. People will become less worried and much happier.

My Experience

At the time that I participated in Awakening with the Masters for personal improvement, I had an injured neck. I had not been able to turn my neck fully to the left side without experiencing pain. I was always taking over the counter painkillers and I had to put heating pads on my neck every single day.

Interestingly, following receiving the free energy work from Jo Dunning,
about a week later I noticed there was no pain in my neck anymore. Also, the full range of motion was restored to my neck. This was really a shock as I totally did not expect a healing and was just listening to the program out of interest in finding out what energy work was. I attributed this healing to Jo, and bought her program Journey of Awakening out of deep gratitude. The Journey of Awakening product is a lovely set of disks that surely enriches lives.

The healing energy that the disks possess are so relaxing and in many cases such as my own, life-changing. Energy work can be such a blessing to heal people’s bodies, minds and spirits. The convenient disk set is terrific and I really love mine.

Dunning, J. (2009) Masterworks.

Self Improvement With the One Command

Around two years ago and right before taking a cross country road trip, I became acquainted with the work of Asara Lovejoy in her product titled The One Command. Lucky thing for me that I did learn about The One Command, because the road trip I was about to go on had some harrowing challenges. Since I knew The One Command, I was able to master these problems. The One Command is a most powerful personal improvement tool.

Self Improvement Contents

The One Command program consists of six CDs and an extra CD that is for printing out the workbook.


Simply listen to the CDs and begin to apply the teachings.

Self Improvement Claims

Some of the personal improvement claims made by The One Command include the following:
improvement in finances and health. It will be possible to change thoughts from negative to positive. People will begin to achieve their highest potential. Six steps to change will be taught.

My Experience

This is going to sound very odd, but as a practical matter it is amazing what applying The One Command has allowed me to do. Through direct application of The One Command I have been able to get a stuck key out of a car, get money when I needed it, obtained gasoline and hotel rooms and more. Some of the things The One Command has allowed me to do will seem miraculous and almost like magic, thus I cannot reveal them because I fear the skepticism of others. Yet, I urge anyone to try this program to see for themselves. Asara Lovejoy has also done an informative Youtube video which had an interview on it with Asara physically demonstrating
The One Command technique. I feel that it is far easier to do The One Command when you have watched the video and seen it done, rather than just hear the program only.

The One Command is very high knowledge and can be practically applied to make daily life easier. It is a very effective self development tool that has a broad application. Once a person knows how to use The One Command and sees its effectiveness, it is unlikely that they will
stop doing The One Command. It works for me on a daily basis. Please note that I am not an affiliate of The One Command.

Source: Lovejoy, A. The One Command. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.