Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Experience with the Journey of Awakening Product

About a year ago, I was involved in listening to an Internet- based series of personal improvement speakers titled Awakening with the Masters. These talks are free to listen to and they present a wide range of speakers. Through this program, I heard energy worker Jo Dunning for the very first time. This is a review of Jo Dunning’s audio program titled Journey of Awakening.

Personal Improvement Contents

The Journey of Awakening set of CDs contains twelve disks with a total of forty energy processes.
The energy processes are very desirable because Jo has remarkable healing abilities. Some of the topics covered on the disk set include journey to the center, transformation and awakening into greater love. It also includes a new you and trust as well as changing the future. Return to divinity is explored as is transformation and abundance. Finally, DNA, awakening and manifesting are explained.


Put on stereo headphones and listen to the disks. Do not drive a car while doing so as you will be moved into an altered state of consciousness.

Personal Improvement Claims

The energy processes will transform each listener and their lives. They will rejuvenate mind, body and soul. People will become less worried and much happier.

My Experience

At the time that I participated in Awakening with the Masters for personal improvement, I had an injured neck. I had not been able to turn my neck fully to the left side without experiencing pain. I was always taking over the counter painkillers and I had to put heating pads on my neck every single day.

Interestingly, following receiving the free energy work from Jo Dunning,
about a week later I noticed there was no pain in my neck anymore. Also, the full range of motion was restored to my neck. This was really a shock as I totally did not expect a healing and was just listening to the program out of interest in finding out what energy work was. I attributed this healing to Jo, and bought her program Journey of Awakening out of deep gratitude. The Journey of Awakening product is a lovely set of disks that surely enriches lives.

The healing energy that the disks possess are so relaxing and in many cases such as my own, life-changing. Energy work can be such a blessing to heal people’s bodies, minds and spirits. The convenient disk set is terrific and I really love mine.

Dunning, J. (2009) Masterworks.

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