Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Experience with Personal Development Program Creating Demand

Many people do not know that Freelance Writers are usually also small business owners.
Because I am both a writer and the owner of a writing business, I was most interested when I read about an audio program that was aimed at increasing sales. This program, created by Rick
Ott, is called Creating Demand How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service and it specializes in increasing sales revenue for businesses. I bought the program to give
it a try.


The Creating Demand program is contained on six CDs and also includes an extra CD which is the workbook. The workbook may be printed out.


Listen to the CD program in its entirety. Do not skip around in this program or you will not understand it, so start at the beginning. Use the workbook if desired. Do the whole program and implement it and then go back after an appropriate time frame to revisit the program and
strategies again.


Here are some of the claims of this product. The product claims to help you avoid the biggest waste of your marketing dollars and get people in the mood to make a decision right away. It also shows how to double the effectiveness of advertising without spending any more money than before.

My Experience

My experience is that this product makes some big claims and lives up to them. The whole
program is totally research based and clearly showed me how to market myself properly. I was also able to fix some marketing mistakes I was making. I have found that I have clearly made money as a result of this program. This program more than paid for itself in my case.

Every once in awhile, I buy something that I am really glad I did. That was the case for me with this program by Rick Ott. I implemented most of his strategies and I really feel that my advertising and marketing has improved drastically. I really believe that this is one of the best programs that I bought this year. It delivers results.

I feel like my confidence in my marketing has gone up and my earnings have as well. This is a good program for anyone who is interested in improving their sales and marketing of goods and services. I am not an affiliate for Creating Demand.

Ott, R. Creating Demand. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

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