Saturday, March 17, 2012

Personal Improvement with the Psychology of Winning

Although his work has been around a long time, I first became aware of Denis Waitley and his material in the famous book titled The Secret. I found The Secret to be an influential book in my life, or at least another way of looking at things. So, I determined to study the work of all the
personal improvement teachers in The Secret, or at least as many as I was drawn to. This was how I came to order The Psychology of Winning.

Personal Improvement Contents

The Psychology of Winning contains six disks. They are on the following broad topics: self expectancy, self motivation, self image, self control, self discipline and self esteem.
They also include self dimension, self awareness and self projection. The program also includes
ten keys to winning.


Listen to the disks and take notes. Begin to incorporate the ten steps to winning into daily life and routine in order to experience more success.

Personal Improvement Claims

This product claims to be able to help people become more optimistic. It also helps people
focus on victory and not defeat. Self esteem should improve greatly as well. The ten steps to winning that are practiced by Olympiads are taught in this program. The basic key to all human
behavior is instructed on too.

My Experience

My experience with this personal improvement product is that I listened to the CDs and I took notes. Denis Waitley recognizes and goes over three major areas of success including professional, personal and family. I concentrated on the family area and did his visualization for thirty minutes a day exercise. The program is very big on visualization. One of my children is becoming more friendly and communicative. I believe this is a result of the visualization perhaps changing how I am interacting with that child and making it more effective.

This program would be particularly effective for sales people who want to increase their revenue. However, it is well worth getting because the principles that are taught are really broad and cover being highly effective and having strong communication skills. No self development library is complete without this work and I am glad that I bought it. The principles taught have increased my effectiveness. I feel that I should add that I am not an affiliate for The Psychology of Winning.

Waitley, D. The Psychology of Winning. Niles, IL: Nightingale Conant.

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