Saturday, March 17, 2012

Self Development Through Holosync

It has been about two years now that I have been practicing meditation with Holosync and I feel that it is time to write a review on the product. I was first drawn to Holosync because I was extremely anxious not to mention depressed. My productivity was also very low and I often felt like I was going nowhere. I felt that perhaps if I began meditation I would feel less stressed out and I was eager- almost desperate in fact at that point- when I first began the product.

Personal Development Contents

The very first level of the Holosync Solution is titled Awakening Prologue. There are three disks inside of it. The first disk is an introduction to the Holosync Solution. Disk Two contains the first level of the main program, which is called The Dive and Immersion. Disk three contains two separate tracks called Quietude and Oasis.


Put on stereo headphones. Listen to the introduction disk. Then begin the meditation disk.

Personal Development Claims

The Holosync program will cause a person to meditatedeeper than a Zen monk at the touch of a button.

My Experience

On a personal note, in the two years that I have been meditating with Holosync I have experienced a great deal of growth. On the emotional side, my anxiety has lessened greatly. I feel much happier. I feel that I am causing things not just like things are happening to me randomly. I feel more at peace.

Physically, I have experienced a complete turning away from toxic substances such as alcohol and constant obsessive soda drinking. I have also lost muscular tension that I used to carry throughout my body all the time. I have also noticed that I regularly breathe much more slowly and deeply than previously and I see that I was pretty much almost hyperventilating back then before I started the program.

Holosync is without a doubt the very best self development product I have come across. While other courses teach you from the outside, Holosync teaches how to access your own knowledge within. It is a truly remarkable product that I credit with the improvements I have achieved
in these last two years. For anyone who is stressed out and has an interest in meditation, Holosync is absolutely unmatched.

I would like to add that I am not an affiliate of Holosync or Centerpointe Research Institute.

Harris, B. Holosync. Beaverton, OR: Centerpointe Research Institute.

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