Saturday, March 17, 2012

Self Development with Hypnology

For some time I have been intrigued by the notion of self-hypnosis and have wondered what the self development hypnosis practice could do for me. I had some of the ordinary fears of hypnosis but decided to overrule them and begin to learn and practice self-hypnosis. For this purpose, I ordered Dick Sutphen’s audio course titled Hypnology Transform Your Life with The Power of Self Hypnosis. Here is my account of my interaction with the course.

Self Development Contents

The contents of the Hypnology program include six CDs as well as a bonus CD. The material
covers goal achievement, stress reduction, improved concentration, healing and more.


Listen to the lecture portions of the CDs and do the self-hypnosis exercises that accompany the lectures.

Self Development Claims

This product claims to help get rid of unwanted behavior. This could include eating too much or having emotional distress such as fear and anxiety. Also, new more empowering beliefs can be
learned through self hypnosis which can help with relaxing and learning faster. Other claims are also made such as improvement in meditation states.

My Experience

My experience with this product is that the speaker presents the material slowly and clearly. When I did the initial self-hypnosis sessions, I had a brief moment of panic because I felt out of control. I quickly found that even though I was hypnotized I still could move my body when
desired. My mind still responded to my body which had been my main concern. Now I am able to self hypnotize and I do it as a regular daily practice to aid with getting up early in the morning. I
believe that self-hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct to a separate daily meditation practice. I feel like it is empowering to gain control over the mind and this is what is needed for success to happen.

For anyone who has an interest in self-hypnosis, this course is ideal. Also, for those like myself who are a bit afraid of hypnosis, this program is a sure step-by-step guide. Hypnosis is really
nothing to be afraid of and can be a very valuable way to access a more resourceful state. This is a goodproduct and I learned self- hypnosis from it easily. I am not an affiliate of Hypnology.

Sutphen, D. Hypnology Transform Your Life with the Power of Self Hypnosis. Niles, IL:
Nightingale Conant.

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